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Ziguarat Choghazenbil

Ziguarat Choghazenbil

The ancient civilizations that lived in Western Asia used a special style of architecture to build religious places. They built a pyramid staircase with stairs towers, called ziggurat. Maybe you ask what is the meaning of ziggurat? The ziggurat means rising to the sky, and its construction has been around 4200 to 2500 years ago. Since these ziggurates were holy places, they were used to make the best of mud or bricks. It is interesting for you to know that one of the largest and most healthy ziggurates in the world is in our country: Choghazanbil Ziggurat, which is named after the World Heritage List and has a reputation in the world.

This time we go to the ancient city of Susa in the province of Khuzestan, a city that holds some of the most valuable historical monuments and boasts its long history. To see Choghazanbil, the first Iranian religious site, should be 40 km southwest of Shosh near the ancient Haft Tapeh area. As soon as you see this magnificent eye, your curiosity will blossom out who and when did they build a building for future generations? Choghazban is a sanctuary built by Elamites about 1250 BC. At that time, the king of the ancient Ilam, Choghaznabil in the middle of the city and at the highest point of the building, is to be a place to praise God.

many years have passed since the construction of Choghazanbil destroyed the last Assyrian king's attack on this area of Elamite and Ziggurat civilization. A few hundred years later, in 1890, geology was found in the same area of oil, and this became a place for oil production. However, about 60 years later, it was a big deal; in 1933, a brick was discovered that led to the complete discovery of Choghaznbil from the heart of the earth. Chugah means hill and zanbil means a basket that points to a place on the hill and sees it as a veil of the opposite.

Let's tell you a little about the features of this building to get to know more about it; the cobblestone structure has a square shape and surrounds the circular fences around it. Choghazanbil was originally 5 stores and a height of 52 meters. Today, only 2 floors and half of it remain, with a height of 25 meters and a 105-meter-square, 105-meter-long base. Perhaps you ask how the number of floors in this ziggurat estimated is. If you check the gradient of the pyramid classes and assume that the stairs are on the same slope, then on the fifth floor, the stairs reach the center of the center, which means we reach the top of the pyramid and the floors are over. The four corners of this religious site are located in four main directions, and it is well-known that at that time the main directions were well-known.