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Sheikh lotfallah mosque

Sheikh lotfallah mosque
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is one of the Isfahan architectural masterpieces of the eleventh century.

- This mosque is famous for its lack of minarets and courtyards.

- This mosque is located in Naghshe jahan square of the Universe.

- Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque has the world's most circular dome as one of the most beautiful domes in the world.

- The dome of this mosque comes in three colors: earthy, pink and gray throughout the day.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is a historic and famous mosque in Isfahan, a masterpiece of architecture and tiling. The art and architecture of this building have been exhibited at the height of their beauty, and the hearts of the viewers are being hijacked. This mosque is located on the east side of the Square of the Universe and in front of the Imam Khomeini Mosque in front of the Imam Khomeini's mosque and kills the beauty of the passersby. Many believe that this building does not actually have the role of a mosque like other mosques, and the architect, in an artistic way, creates a space in which even the followers of other religions and all human beings will notice the divine and mystical light there.

This work was listed on November 15, 1310 with the number 105 in the list of national works of Iran. Due to the reputation of this mosque in terms of history and architecture, a common stamp has been published with the role of this building from China. For some reasons, experts of this mosque Different from all mosques: No minaret over the mosque What at first glance enters the mosque is the lack of a minaret next to the dome, while in all mosques the minarets are an integral part of architecture. Prior to Islam, the minaret was constructed as a navigator and navigator on the buildings, and the minarets contained a city. After the arrival of Islam, the minarets and flowers became an indication of the mosque and were used to read the prayers and invite people to prayer. But since the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was worship sometimes for the courtiers and family of the Shah, the minaret was not built above it, so that the public would not come to this mosque. Even in the writings of tourists visiting Safavid in Isfahan, there is not much talk about this mosque, and this can be due to two reasons: The neighboring mosque of Sheikh Lotfollah, the Imam's mosque, has been given more attention due to its greatness. The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was a private courtroom and no one was allowed to enter it. Shaikh Lotfollah Mosque is a masterpiece of architecture and tiling of the eleventh century AH which was made by Professor Mohammad Reza Isfahani, the son of Master Hossein Bona Isfahani, a famous architect of that time and the Isfahani style (the latest traditional Iranian architecture). Blue, green, pepper and white are the colors that are observed in this building and they are enchanted in combination with your light. Decorative tiles of seven colors and mosaic with designs of paradise, geometric and ... have given a special effect to this mosque, and the use of glossy glazed tiles along with matt bricks displays a spectacular combination of two different textures. Foreign archaeologists have spoken a great deal about the magnificence and beauty of this mosque, and they consider the use of natural light and beautiful colors as remarkable features.The mosaic tiles are one of the special decoration of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and they are beautifully covered above the windows (from the niche floor to the floor).

Sheikh lotfallah mosque

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