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See the meteor shower tonight in all parts of Iran Beautiful country sky

See the meteor shower tonight in all parts of Iran Beautiful country sky

At midnight, August 21, until the morning of August 22, there is an interesting phenomenon in the sky: the phenomenon of meteor shower, which is visible throughout Iran's sky and you, can easily see it because of the moon's lack of light. Come along to explore the meteor shower.

If you are a bit familiar with astronomy, you may have heard something about the phenomenon of meteor shower. This precipitation is one of the most important annual rainfall in the world of astronomy, which is caused by the masses left by the Swift Comet, with a maximum hourly torque of 100. This trail takes 130 years to complete its orbit around the earth, and the duration of this phenomenon is about a month from about the 23rd of July to the third of September. Although this phenomenon takes about a month, it reaches its peak on a special day, which is August 22 of each year.

Meteor shower

Today, with the advent of astronomical equipment, it is precisely known that the origin of this precipitation is somewhere near the boundary of this constellation with another constellation called the Essence of Alkis, something that the past astronomers were not aware of, and the origin of the precipitation was mistakenly taken by the constellation. They knew that's why the name of this phenomenon is the same to this day.

Watching rain meteors

If you are interested in this astronomical phenomenon, you will enjoy seeing this beautiful phenomenon on midnight Saturday, August 21st, until Sunday morning. This constellation appears at midnight from the northeast horizon, and you do not need to see thorough any special equipment. Just scroll down a few artificial city lights to see the rain meteor that is visible throughout the sky of Iran. Hope you enjoy this beautiful happening.