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The Isfahan province with the area of 107,027 square km is situated in the center of Iran, it has common border with Qom, Semnan and Fars province, historians has recorded Isfahan as a military city. There are too many sightseeing in Isfahan. There are many buildings with fascinating architectures that are considered as Iranian masterpieces. The history of Isfahan city dates back to Iron Age when Cyrus the great started to unified eastern countries into an empire and has been the capital of this domain for several times. Isfahan is the birth place of many notable people that have achieved significant achievements and brought too many pleasures to Iranians. The people here have Isfahanian dialect. This province has always been famous for its hand waved carpets. This third largest city of Iran includes an international airport which means the arrival and departure can be from this city. People here do not wear traditional clothes but in one of Isfahan province villages named Abiyaneh all the people are wearing local clothes that’s the point made this village a fantastic one.