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China Ambassador suggestion for Iran tourism Maerket

China Ambassador suggestion for Iran tourism Maerket
In recent years, Iran has become one of the main tourist destinations for the Chinese people, which contributes to the development of the tourism industry in Iran. The issue was reviewed in a meeting with Ms. Ahmadpour, the head of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism with the ambassador of China. You can read more about this newsletter:

Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization; Ms. Ahmadipour met with the Ambassador of China in Tehran, and said: Since 2011, people and tourists from China have chosen Iran as one of their destinations. However, we hope that this relationship will increase and Iran will become the greatest tourism market of China.

"People in our country have early acquaintances with Iranian historic cities such as Isfahan and Shiraz," said Mr. Penang Sen, Ambassador of China. Creating series and films from other cities of Iran such as Yazd, can familiarize most people of China with Iran. Last year, China had a 16% increase in travel to China, with 100,000 visas exported to China for China.

Mrs. Ahmadipour also said Iran has high potential for health tourism and can become a medical center in the Middle East, and China can choose Iran as one of its main destinations for health tourism.