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Frightening voices, we normally hear while sitting at the airplane

Frightening voices, we normally hear while sitting at the airplane

However, which voices are normal and which items should be checked for a flight safety card? The issue of airborne sound is always a concern for many travelers and is somehow worrying for many of passengers. However, there is no need to be worried until we know the sounds that come from the plane are normal or abnormal. Many are afraid to hear a sound while flying and they are worried until the end of the flight. In many cases, such sounds are normal, and there is no need to be worry. Remember, you are flying with a modern device and a very high altitude and standards in the sky, and this massive device has certain sounds and hearing is inevitable. Come along with yourself to learn more about these sounds.

Sound of the plane

You hear a voice like singing while riding!

if aircraft engines are out of service?

It is good to know that a helper is installed behind the plane. This force acts like a baby, a baby who whispers during your journey keeps everything under control until the main engine is off.

Most airports connect airplanes to land units, saving air and electricity to airplanes. When the doors are closed, you may notice noise variations, and the lights will blink when the pilot switches from the airport system to the airplane system. The engine will then start to work and you will hear the noise of it.

What is the sound of tremor?

There's a fuel-saving device called PTU, which is featured in all of the two-engine Airbus models. This makes the hydraulic pressure balanced, while it only uses one engine at the time of pressing and deploying, all people want to save fuel, so it's very good to use. This work is noisy and slightly incompatible, because it is turned on and off repeatedly due to pressure fluctuations. It sounds like pulling two harsh objects on each other.

Airbus passengers may also have heard a long sound before leaving and after landing. Lori says: This is the sound of an electric hydraulic pump that is used to open and close the loading doors.

The sound of the vibration of the aircraft

Ghazni Ghazni Noise

Just before the aircraft taking off, the pilot opens the switch to widen the wings more than usual. These flaps make you hear wonderful sounds, if you are sitting near the fin, you can easily hear it.

Rugged wheels

Now is the time to go. If you move forward, you will see the cut-off of the engines. If the wheel's speed is low, because the wheel speed is low, the sound will be emitted from choking, rotation, and crushing. When this sounds low, this means you're in the air.

Strange sounds of the plane


Now you can hear the sound of some of these small electric motors, because the wheels are pulling into the airplane and then snapping from the closed doors will be hearing.

After that, you will hear another voice, because the upper flaps have returned to their normal position.

Now you find that it's commonplace to hear many sounds from the aircraft, we suggest you listen to a relaxed music while you travel so you can rest a little, and do not disturb the sounds.