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A new matter in Isfahan emam mosque

A new matter in Isfahan emam mosque
During the archaeological excavations carried out at the Imam Mosque in Isfahan, several new channels dating back to 400 years of age were discovered at a depth of four meters above Earth's surface. Director General of Cultural Heritage and Tourism said that more tunnels are likely to be discovered. The discovery of these tunnels can help to attract more foreign tourists and improve the tourism industry in Isfahan.

Imam Mosque in Isfahan

In recent excavations conducted at Imam Mosque in Isfahan, a 12-meter tunnel on the east and west route and a 34-meter tunnel on the northern route of the waterway have been discovered. Mr. Fereydoun, Director General of Cultural Heritage and Tourism has said after finding the two main tunnel, several tunnels smaller again fell out, over the years, and after that the excavation of the tunnel News They have been discovered to illustrate the elegance and complexity of the design of these tunnels.

Imam Square complex is located in the heart of the city of Isfahan, dating back to the Safavid era, so it is unlikely that there will be a larger, more complex water supply network underground.

Apparently, archaeologists have succeeded in exploring these 4-meter depths after six months of exploration after six months, after which they intend to continue their new discoveries, apart from the restoration of the old waterways. Finding these new waterways and discoveries can help to capture the depth of the mosque's delicacy, helping the tourism industry in Isfahan to attract more tourists.

This mosque reflects the beautiful architecture of the Safavid era and the style of Islamic architecture, and is renowned for its beautiful appearance and awe-inspiring decorations.