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Rhine citadel

Rhine citadel

All or at least most of us know Kerman with its bamchal organ, which is the largest brick building in the world, but unfortunately, it was badly damaged during the earthquake that occurred several years ago in the city of Bam. But Kerman does not only have this citadel, in fact, near the city of Kerman, there is a very important, valuable and, of course, a different citadel, which, in some sources, is said to be the second largest brick building in the world after the Bam Arg, The name is the Rhine Citadel. Your visit will take you to another corner of our beloved Iran, the province of Kerman, to make this beautiful citadel more familiar to you.

The Rhine is the name of a historical fortune in Kerman province and 100 km from Kerman. The building is about twenty-two thousand square meters and dating back to the Sassanian era, it's interesting to note that it was silent even until 150 years ago. When we look at this building, we see a brick-and-mortar structure that can be distinguished from its appearance by its full color and smell. At the entrance of this citadel, there is a small chamber, which in the past has been used as a place to control the arrival and departure of people to the citadel.

A bit from the date of the Rhine Citadel

The organ dates back to the Sassanian era, and some of the sources that exist today say that this citadel existed during the reign of Yazdgarm III, a period that was accompanied by an Arab attack with Kerman but they could not enter the citadel. Some people know the citadel of the Renaissance as the organ of Mirza Hussein Khan, because at the time of Nadir Shah Afshar was one of the fortresses of his rule.

Inside the Rhine

It is not clear; however, exactly how the Rhine Ridge was built at the time, because in the sources it is available, its existence is attributed to different periods, although sources that are more reliable refer to the Sassanian era.

Regarding the architecture of the Rhine Citadel, it is said to be an adobe and a large building that can be seen at the top of its walls in regular congresses. It's interesting to know that there is everything inside this citadel, from the houses of the land to the local communities, the school of the house, the fire temple, the market and the warehouse ... This citadel has been renovated and renovated many times.

What has the organ used in the past?

The Rhine Citadel has been in a very good position due to its location on the Kerman route to Bandar Abbas, and as a result, it has become a trading center for the very reason that it was the cause of the Citadel's expedition. At the entrance to the citadel, you can clearly see the location of blacksmiths and people who have been engaged in tooling and metalworking in the past.

How to go to the Rhine Valley?

To go to this first citadel, you have to take yourself to Kerman province and from there to the city of Rhine; this city is located 100 km from Kerman city center. We suggest that you choose spring or autumn for your travel time, so that you will enjoy your trip without having to tolerate the hot weather.