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Iran most expensive hotels

Iran most expensive hotels

All over the world five star hotels are graded over their services and facilities, they provide the travelers with. Infrastructure, sports and recreation facilities, indoor facilities, number of existing restaurants with a great variety of dishes, type of staffing services and their training in dealing with customers and many other factors determine the number of hotel stars internationally. However, in Iran, the rating of hotels and the granting of stars is a little bit different. Perhaps that is why the standardization of hotels in the country has not yet ended. In Iran, what more than the service can promote the stars, architecture and interior decoration and their exterior, but in this article, you are being introduced to the six most expensive hotels in Iran. The prices of five star hotels in Iran are very close, and the reason why choosing 10 expensive hotels is very difficult, but what is certain is that these six hotels are slightly more expensive compared to other hotels in the country. The room prices for these hotels are due in September.

Iran Famouse hotels

Tehran Espinas hotel

The espinas Hotel, Tehran, had been built after a profit of the Astara Espinas hotel in an area of 3000 square meters and a total area of 27,000 meters on Tehran's Keshavarz Blvd. The construction process of this hotel lasted 27 months, and it cost 56 billion USD to build it up to the end of September. The average rate of the rooms is 600 USD and 5% valued is added to this rate as a tax.

Tehran esteghlal hotel

Esteghlal Hotel Tehran is the largest five star hotel in northern Tehran. The hotel was originally the Royal Hilton Hotel. This hotel was built on December 13, 1341 in an area of 70 thousand square meters. The hotel consists of two eastern tower buildings and a western building, originally built at the beginning of the western building (with an infrastructure of 17100 square meters) and then an eastern building (with an area of 13500 square meters). The hotel has 15 floors and 959 beds. When it was being build, passengers could easily see the prospect of the Alborz Dynasty, but today it is a bit hard to see because of the many constructions that have been made even in the mountains. The average rate of this hotel depending on room type is 590 USD. Aysham highly recommend you to do not miss staying in this hotel in Iran tour.


Kish Dariush hotel

The 5-star Dariush Hotel, inspired by Persepolis, symbolically symbolizes the honor and dignity of Ancient Persia during the Achaemenid period in Kish Island, with a capital equivalent of $ 125 million, in an area of 121,330 meters. The hotel has 500 beds and features billiard saloon, ping-pong, Thai massagers, sailing boats and classic Show, and residents can enjoy 50 percent discount on garden bird and Dolphin Park. The average room rate in Kish Dariush hotel is 400 USD


Isfahan abbasi hotel

Hotel Abbasi is the oldest hotel in Iran. Of course, not that the building has been used as a hotel since the time of the Safavids. This collection was built on the orders of Shah Sultan Hussein Safavi, who presented it to his mother. Hence, It was named as the school and the mother-king caravanserai. In 1336, according to the proposal of Andre Godard, a French architect, archaeologist, designer, and builder of the National Museum of Iran, Iran Insurance Company decided to host a guesthouse in accordance with the standards of the Antiquities Department at Safavid Mansion, and in 1344, the guesthouse began to be used. The average room rate of this hotel is 500 USD


Kandovan cliff hotel

The rocky hotel of Laleh Kandovan is considered as one of the most exceptional hotels in the world, because it is the third largest rock hotel in the world. Historical village of Kandovan is located 22 km from the city of Osko, 62 km from the city of Tabriz. The hotel has 40 shores (rooms), the first phase of which was launched in 2008 and its second phase in July this year, and 40 of its 16 banks were used. The Kandovan Village dates back to the time of the Seventeenth AH century, some believed by others, that the Kandovan Hotel was inspired by rural houses in the same traditional way. The conical and pyramidal hills of these houses sometimes reach 60 meters, which are drilled honey hives in the heart of the mountain. The average room rate of this hotel is 390 USD


Yazd malek al tojar hotel

According to Ibrahim Pourfraj, president of the Iranian Tourists Association, Yazd is the only city where there is no shortage of hotels, which is why many old houses in the city have become traditional in the traditional fabric. Among all the traditional hotels in Yazd, a news release was recently announced that Malek Al-Tajar Hotel Yazd is the most expensive hotel in Yazd.

Malek al-Tajar mansion belongs to the mother of Ali Asghar Khan Shirazi, a Yazdi merchant who travels through the opium Silk Road to China, from where the porcelain, silk, spice and a kind of Chinese carpet to Iran, dried to Muscat (Oman) and from there the fabric Iran has come. For this reason, during the Qajar era, Nasir al-Din Shah gave him the title of "Malek al-Tajar". The mansion is being used as a hotel from 13 years ago till now, the average room rate in this hotel is 480 USD.



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