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Yazd province with the area of about 131,575 km is situated at the Iran desert part named Dasht-E-Kavir, and regarding to the most recent separations of the country, is separated into ten cities. With having Yazd province fantastic options in mind Yazd the most highlighted province to visit in traveling to Iran, one of the most wonderful and historical places to visit, from the geographical point of view, Yazd province total area is the main part of the central mountainous area and also central desert of Iran this is the interesting point of Yazd province. Yazd province is remarkably dry for two reasons, the first one is its situation that is on the world arid belt, and second one is being very far from the Oman Sea.











Yazd city


Yazd is the capital of Yazd province. This city is situated 270 kilometers southeast of Esfahan in the margin of kavir at the centre of Iran. Yazd has a most traditionally architecture a unique one. Yazd is well known because of its ancient wind catchers, fire temples and also known as the capital of Kavir. Yazd used to be a Zoroastrian center during Sassanid times that’s why there are numerous

Zoroastrian populations there

Yazd Yazd

Yazd attractions


Six ventilation Yazd water reservoir


One of Yazd province attractions is ab anbar which means water cisterns, or better to mention that ab means water and anabr means a place to store water. It’s an interesting architecture with a special system which connects to the wind catchers.

Jameh mosque of Yazd


This mosque was built in al-buye dynasty, and it’s well known because of being one of the outstanding 14th century buildings. This 14th century masterpiece is still in use.

Meybod kabootarkhane


It’s a Cylinder like building with much storage for pigeons; it’s a place for them to live and also had its own benefits for the people. The creation of these buildings has a philosophy to achieve and use the pigeon dung.



is a fire temple in Zoroastrianism a place of worshiping the Zoroastrians. It dates back to 1934 and enshrines the “Victorious Fire”, dated to 470 AD; its fire has been bright since 1520 years ago

Amir chakhmagh complex


is a prominent structure in Yazd, Iran. It’s including a caravanserai, a tekyeh, a mosque a cold water well and a confectionery all built in a Achaemenid architecture style.

Dolatabad garden


is one of the most famous gardens of Iran which has been built at zandiye dynasty. Yazd well known wind catcher is located here. It has been situated here to provide the cool air for the mansion

Narin castle


this fantastic building that is situated at the Meybod city, Yazd province. Meybod is an ancient city dates back to pre-Islamic period. Narin castle is constructed at the top of Galeen hill overlooking of the whole city

Yakhchal meybod


is an ancient type of cooler. Above ground, with a doom shape structure, and had a huge storage space for the people of the whole city; it was often using to store ice, but sometimes was using to store food as well.

tower of silence


In the Zoroastrian tradition there was a belief that, once a body dies, it can immediately be captured by demons. To protect the deads, Zoroastrians purified the dead body by putting them on top of flat-topped towers in the desert called tower of silence.



Fahadan area is the traditional and most noble area of the Yazd city. It has a great sense just walking there.

Cypress of Abarkuh


This tree is one of the oldest creatures all around the world and also the second oldest living tree with dating of 4800 years.