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Tehran is one of the most important provinces of Iran which include Tehran the capital city of Iran it covers an area of 18,909 square kilometers and it is located at the north part of the central plateau of Iran. Tehran shares borders with mazandaran, Qom, Semnan and Alborz province. Tehran with over 12 million inhabitants is the industrial heart of Iran. Nowadays Tehran is considered as one of the largest and most populated

cities of the world

• Capital city :Tehran

• Area:18,814 km

• Population of Tehran :12,150,742

• Languages: Persian, Kurdish.

• Time zone: UTC+3:30

• Cities :13





4.Eslam shahr






The capital of Iran since Qajar dynasty a young capital for such an ancient domain, a vibrant and metropolitan city which is really worth to visit. Tehran is the largest city and urban area of Iran. Tehran which is a mountainside city with a height of 900 to 1700 meters above the sea level contains an international airport The most famous sites of the city include the Azadi Tower, a memorial building built during the Pahlavi dynasty , and Tabiat Bridge, which was built by Iranian engineers in 2014, is considered the third current symbol of the city and the Mild Tower, the world's 17th tallest freestanding structure, which was built in 2007.



Milad tower




This Iranian tower is the 6th tallest communication tower of the world; it is located at the west part of Tehran at Gisha area. It’s a multipurpose building with great and high qualified restaurants.

Nature bridge


Also known as Tabiat bridge and the largest sidewalk overpass in Tehran,which connects two parks Taleghani and Abo-Atash park.designed by Leila Araghian who has received neumerous awards.

Niyavaran complex


This is a historical complex located at the north part of Tehran ,this was once used as a summery residence by Fathali shah Qajar ,the king of Qajar dynasty .there are other numerous buildings there that in Tehran tour are worth to visit.

National Jewelry museum


This national museum was inaugurated in 1955 in order to take care of Iran national jewelries. There are different kinds of jewelries from different eras. The most momentous one is Darya-ye-Nor diamond (means the sea of light) the biggest and brightest uncut diamond all around the world. Aysham deeply recommend you to do not miss national Jewelry museum at Tehran tour.

Tehran bird’s garden



Tehran bird’s garden is located in lavizan neighborhood, something about 80 hectares of this neighborhood has been allocated to bird’s garden, a suitable place for different kinds of birds. About 250 kinds of different type of birds live here. Aysham highly recommend you to do not miss bird’s garden in Tehran tour.

Saadabad complex


This complex has been built in 300 hectares by Qajar dynasty located in Shemiranat,Tehran. After the 1979 Revolution, the complex turned to a museum.

Darabad museum


This museum is allocated to the nature and wildlife, Aysham recommend you to do not miss Darabad museum in Tehran tour.




Darband was a former village close to north of Tehran,Darband is highly visited by tourists every year. Darband is a great food court there are lots of restaurants there which renders food with high quality. And also there is a ski lift and telekabin there.

Tangeh vashi


Tangeh vashi is a mountainous pass in Tehran province, it’s a narrow path created by created by a permanent stream which comes down from a series of waterfalls upstream.

Chitgar lake



Chitgar Lake is an artificial lake located at the northern part of the Chitgar Park. There has been created a beautiful artificial island that attracts many people.