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Khorasan is one of Iran province located in north eastern part of Iran. Khorasan is a Persian name which means where the sun rise from. Khorasan used to be the largest province of Iran until it was divided into three sections on 2004. This province includes many natural and historical attractions like mineral water springs, small lakes, recreational areas, caves and protected regions, and various hiking areas, beside Khorasan include several religious buildings, such as the shrine of Imam Reza and Goharshad mosque. The cultural heritage organization listed 1179 sites in Khorasan. This province is situated in a kind of temperature zone that caused to have a changeable weather. Mashhad the capital city of Khorasan is the holiest city of Iran. Every year, millions of pilgrims visit the Imam Reza shrine and show their respect to him.

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Torbat jam






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Imam Reza shrine


Imam Reza monument is a holy shrine that is so respected not only to Iranians but also to all Muslims everyone must see. Not only is it inspiring and peaceful but perfect in Islamic architecture which dates back to 203 AD. Dear Imam Reza is the eighth Imam of shia religion, from the dimension point of view it is the largest mosque all around the world with pilgrims coming from all over the world.

Torghabeh countryside



Torghabeh is a popular countryside located at km 18 of Vakil Abad Road with different type of restaurants, including striking natural scenery which are hidden in the Binalud mountain.

Kooh Sangi Park


Kooh Sangi is a social public park in Mashhad. This immense park is lcatedat at the end of part of Asadi Street in south of Mashhad, surrounded by the Binalud Mountain. Here is now a popular destination for tourists, residents and pilgrims alike.

Vakil abad zoo


Vakil Abad zoo is located in southwest part of Mashhad the only zoo of this city. It’s the place that you can find the gathering of different kinds of animals for instance: carnivores, fish, herbivores and different kinds of birds.

Mausoleum of Ferdowsi


Ferdowsi tusi is the great Persian poet and also the author of Shahnameh. Shahnameh is the greatest Persian epic genre. His mausoleum is located 40 km north part of Mashahd.