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This province is located at the southwest part of Iran and shares common borders with Iraq and also the Persian Gulf there are one of Iran main ports there. Khuzestan capital city is Ahvaz. This province is considered as the most historical province of Iran there have been found the evidence of The Achaemenid Old Persian so here is the birth place of old dynasties. Khuzestan, which means: the Land of the Khuz refers to the original inhabitants of this province. This province is also important because here is the place that Iran oil and Gas is being produced. Shush tar is an ancient city located in this province that is well known for its interesting water system, there are so many other cities and ancient places in this province that are really worth to visit.

Khuzestan province main cities






Masjed soleyman




Karun River


Karun River with 950 km length is the longest and the only navigable river of Iran, this river rises at Zagross and it continues to Persian Gulf as its final destination. There have been built a great bridge called Karun Bridge.

Shushter water system


Shushtar is an ancient forest city located 96km at the north part of Ahvaz. Shushtar is well known for its special water system what is called water canal, in some sources Shushtar water system is called the greatest industrial community before the France revolution.

Susa city


This ancient city located at the Khuzestan province has been known as one of the oldest settlements of human beings dating back to 4000Bc. The evidence has shown that Susa has a universal importance both in Iran and all around the world.

Ziggurat choghazanbil


It’s an ancient temple which was built at Elamite time about 1250 BC. Ziggurat is the first Iranian word heritage that’s why it has a special importance.

Shevi waterfall


Shevi waterfall also known as Tisheh waterfall located at Zagross Mountain in Khuzestan province is one of the longest and most beautiful waterfalls of Iran. There you can find a great place for swimming and seek as much joy as you desire.