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Kermanshah is consisting of 14 districts, located at the west part of Iran the people here are mostly Iranian Kurds This province has a Paleolithic heritage. The monuments that has found in Kermanshah shows that two glorious periods have been passed over here, the Achaemenid and Sassanid eras. Kermanshah is situated between two cold and warm current climate so it has a moderate weather and on a strategic travel route, the importance of this route dates back to antiquity time. There is some evidence there that shows prehistoric human presence there. Kermanshah province is well known for its historical and cultural belongings, plus it is also the land of eternal lovers: Shirin and Farhad. Farhad is the one who has carved the (stone) mountain for his love Shirin. You can seek as much as historical buildings you like here. This is where that has been found 4thousands historical places that only 700 of them have been proved as Iran heritage.

Kermanshah province main cities



Javn rud

Islam abad qarb


gilan qarb

sarpol zahab

Kermanshah attractions


The temple of Anahita


It’s an ancient temple dating back to 200B.C located at

Kangavar an eastern city of Kermanshah which has been attributed to Anahita the angel of water.



It is a beautiful city at Kermanshah province with many

rivers and fantastic landscapes.Ayshm highly recommend you to do not miss here at Iran tour.



Bisotun means the place of God. This archaeological momentous located near the Kermanshah city, is well known for containing one of the most important ancient masterpieces from the Persian Empire which is called bisotun Inscription. This historical building dates back to the time of Darius the great sometime about 522 BC.

Hercules symbol


Regarding to the Greek inscription written beside the Hercules statue it is assume this historical

Tagh bostan


It’s an archeological site in Kermanshah province which contains huge rock reliefs from Sassanid dynasty dating back to 226 AD. That’s where you can find some of the best models of Persian sculpture art. Just like other Sassanid rock reliefs Taghe- bostan reliefs are the story of the honor of this era.