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East Azerbaijan province

East Azerbaijan province

Azerbaijan shares borders with Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Ardabil Province, West Azerbaijan Province, and Zanjan Province. Its capital city is Tabriz. One of the most popular and famous mountains there is called Sahand which lies at the southern part of Tabriz. Researchers show that the birth place of Zoroaster was in here. Urmia lake is located here a beautiful salt lake that is the settlement of different type of birds. The province covers the area of 47,830 kms with a population of around one million people. This province with a rich history contains too many historical places that are really worth to visit. This province with such a rich history is a great place to visit with a different sense, the people here speak Azerbaijani dialect, you can’t see people in local clothes in Tabriz city but people who live in villages wear their local clothes. The nature there is a unique one.

East Azerbaijan province